Sample Apps

DROIDMuni Created by USF students, Henry Scholz and Max Sigfried on 5/18/2010

DROIDmuni is an application for the Android Mobile OS that displays schedules for the San Francisco transit system. After the user selects from one of the transits lines and choosing a direction and particular stop, the application will display the lines next arrival times. Once the user has retrieved the desired arrival times, they are able to set up to four favorites which are saved and stored based on their unique e-mail address. Using the DroidMuni remind feature, the user can set a reminder to be notified when a bus is a specified number of minutes away.

ParkIt Created by USF students, Hadley Simmons and Jamie DeAraujo on 5/13/2010

Using GoogleMaps, ParkIt allows users to locate their car on their Android phone. After clicking the "Park It" button, the app stores the users car's location until the "Find It" Button is clicked. The "Find It" button displays the user's current location, and the user's car's location using latitude and longitude. When the user clicks "Show On Map", GoogleMaps is activated, and the route to the car is displayed.

Drum Kit Created by USF students, Danielle Girolami and Mackenzie Lisenby on 4/5/2010

DrumKit is an application that allows the user to hit seven different parts of a full, labeled drum kit and hear each drum's respective sound. This app allows the user not only to learn more about the drums (i.e. the names and sounds of the drums), but also to have fun and create their own beat.

Super Hero Game Created by USF students, Alesha Killian and Patrick Steele on 4/13/2010

Super Hero Game is a fantastic Quiz game that tests the users true Super Hero Knowledge. Each screen shows a different character from a superhero world and asks a question pertaining to that picture. The user types in the answer and clicks submit. The program responds with a RIGHT or WRONG and the user is prompted to go on to the next question. The question will change as well as the picture. If the user wants to quit at any time they can GIVE UP and the program closes.

Where's Speedo Created by Google Engineer, Liz Looney on 7/2/2010

This app allows a user and a users friends or family find each other. The app detects the user's location and sends it to the users friends or family using the app. The app allows the user to view the location of another user on a map. It also allows the user to set how often the app sends his/her location.