How the Forums Work

Tips for getting the most out of the forums.

  • How do I join a forum?
    From the Table of Contents page click on the title of a forum. From here click Join Forum. Set your membership preferences.

  • Why should I join a forum?
    Joining allows you to post to the forum. Everything else you can do without joining.

  • How do I post something to the forum?
    You must join the forum to post something to it. Click the Join Forum to Post link and set your membership preferences.

  • Can I still get emails from the forum?
    Yes. You can set your email preferences by clicking the My Membership link.

  • I'm getting bombarded with e-mails. How can I selectively follow a forum thread?
    To selectively follow a forum thread, look for the "Options" link above the thread. Clicking on it will open up some options you can set including "Email updates to me". Clicking on that option will allow you to follow a single thread via e-mail. You can then turn down or off the e-mail options in the My Preferences section. Also, you may reply to the e-mail that you receive and it will act like a "post" to the forum.

  • Can I attach a file(s) to a thread so that others can download it?
    Make sure you followed the steps above to follow of a single forum thread. Then post a "dummy" reply to the thread to ensure that you get an e-mail of it. Once you've received the email, you can reply to the e-mail normally and attach whatever files you would like (size limited to what your e-mail client can handle). The file(s) will appear in the thread for others to download at their leisure.

  • Is it possible to join all of the forums by joining one master forum?
    At this time that is not possible. We hope to see that functionality rolled out in the feature.

  • I can not see the forum on Internet Explore 6.
    Embedded discussions will not work with Internet Explorer 6. Please use IE7 or higher, or a different browser.